Convenient Financing

Dr. Wilke offers a variety of payment options to meet families’ needs, including:

  • Courtesies on up-front payments
  • No-interest financing


Orthodontic benefits may be part of your dental policy. If you have dental insurance, we will verify benefits and submit claims for you as a courtesy. Any unpaid balance by insurance would become your responsibility. Here are a few things to help you understand your orthodontic benefits:

  • Some policies have a waiting period or age limit for orthodontic benefits
  • There are different levels of benefits. Typically, orthodontic benefits have a lifetime maximum which is separate from dental benefits. It is important to know, that maximums rarely cover half of the full comprehensive fee.
  • Orthodontic benefits are rarely paid upfront. Depending on your insurance, payments will be spread out over the course of treatment. Therefore, coverage MUST remain active throughout the course of treatment to receive the estimated benefit.
  • Insurance may issue benefit payments directly to the person that carries the insurance
  • Dual coverage occurs when a patient is enrolled in two active insurance policies. Our office will do our best to determine how much each policy may pay. Please be aware that some exclusions may be present on your policy which may limit the benefit that could be received.
  • If there is a change to insurance during treatment, please let our office know. It is not unusual for the new insurance policy to prorate you benefit base on what the previous policy paid and/or remaining treatment time. Note: Not all plans cover work in progress treatment.

If you have any questions or changes to your insurance plan, please don’t hesitate to speak with our insurance coordinator. Insurance benefits are only an estimate, not a guarantee of payment.

As a matter of convenience to patients, Dr. Kevin Wilke accepts automatic payment from debit or credit cards through our online AnywhereDolphin portal.

Your Treatment Fee Includes:

  • Orthodontic records-Photographs, x-rays, and impressions for study models
  • All orthodontic braces or active orthodontic appliances
  • All routine orthodontic visits, including emergencies
  • Initial set of retainers after orthodontic treatment
  • Follow-up retention visits

Our staff will gladly review all of your financial options with you. It is our goal to provide the highest quality of treatment that is affordable to you!