Mouth Guards – Worth Their Weight In Gold

Mouth Guards Green Bay WIYou may not realize it but mouth guards are worth their weight in gold. If you think about it, the use of mouth guards and the reasons for using them isn’t that far removed from orthodontic technology and the principals at Wilke Orthodontics we employ to create a beautiful and healthy smile for our patients!

Mouth Guards: Not Just a Good Idea But A GREAT One!

Working together as a team is needed to create a beautiful smile. We can’t do it ourselves without patient cooperation and we all work together to ensure a healthy final dental result to last a lifetime! So why should it be any different with the use of a mouth guard?

The facts speak for themselves: Studies have shown that mouth-guards prevent well over 200,000 mouth or tooth injuries a year! Individuals are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth when not wearing a mouth guard while engaged in contact sports or rigorous physical exercise. Why risk making yourself another statistic? After all the time and effort you go through straightening your teeth why risk damaging your teeth, resulting in unnecessary costly dental work and discomfort.

Easy to Avoid Injury 

The crazy thing is… it’s easy to avoid serious damage or injury to your teeth just by using a mouth guard! Still not convinced? Check out some of this mouth guard trivia:

– Losing one or more teeth due to lack of a mouth guard is trauma enough for most individuals. But would you believe that over a lifetime you may spend as much as $10,000 or more per tooth to repair the damage. Do the math… it pays to wear a mouth-guard.

– Mouth guards used to be used primarily for the sport of boxing but the benefits of wearing a mouth-guard has spread over to dozens of different contact sports including basketball, bicycling, ice hockey, and even volleyball. When in doubt, wear a mouth guard, even when playing unorganized contact sports with friends and family.

A Good Investment in Your Smile

The logic is seen in black and white. Protect your teeth and protect your smile by using a mouth guard. Better yet contact our Green Bay, Oconto Falls or Sturgeon Bay WI office today to learn more about mouth guards and discuss any other questions you may have regarding the protection of your mouth and teeth.

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