No Headgears At Wilke Orthodontics

At Wilke Orthodontics we don’t use headgears. Around 8 years ago I made a decision to eliminate headgears from my treatment protocols. I was looking for methods that would require less patient cooperation while at the same time yielding better bite correction. It is not that headgear treatment is inappropriate in the orthodontic world, but I have found other options that are more successful, more predictable, and more user-friendly in my hands. This has become especially evident in today’s busy world where adolescents and teenagers are tied up with so many activities that wearing a headgear an adequate number of hours per day is nearly impossible.

Appliances such as a Mara, Forsus, and Modified Tandem have become my go-to solutions for the more significant overjet, overbite, and underbite cases I encounter. These devices are much smaller than headgears, and for the most part they can be worn 24 hours a day with ease because they don’t entail a strap around the neck or a cage over the face. Instead, the Mara and Forsus are small appliances that are placed entirely inside the mouth. The Modified Tandem is also very small compared to a traditional headgear, and the tiny part that does protrude slightly past the lips is removable for times when a patient leaves the house. All three of these appliances can be worn with ease, and , most importantly, they yield terrific results. In fact, oftentimes a case that would have traditionally required jaw surgery for correction can instead be treated with a Mara, Forsus, or Modified Tandem.

By making orthodontic treatment easier for the patients, success rates improve and the overall experience is more enjoyable for all involved. Contact our office to schedule a complimentary exam or if you have questions.

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