Removing Braces – When?

Removing braces Green Bay WIRemoving braces…when? While most patients are always eager to start treatment, they are even more eager to get them off. Even though each patient is given an estimated treatment time wearing braces when they start, patients always hope we can wave our magic wands and complete the process sooner.

Removing Braces

It makes sense that a patient may assume they are ahead of schedule when their teeth look straight in a mirror. Unfortunately, orthodontics isn’t just about straight teeth. The ultimate goal of good orthodontic treatment result is a beautiful smile as well as a healthy bite that lasts a lifetime.

After the braces are placed, the first step in treatment is to expand and uncrowd the teeth or close spaces, depending upon the problem. Most patients will see major changes in their appearance in the first six months of treatment. After that, the changes aren’t as noticeable since they are more bite related. Consequently patients begin to start asking when they can expect to complete treatment.

Before removing braces, even though your teeth look straight, it is very important that your upper and lower jaws fit together correctly like a gear to prevent premature wear and tear of your bite over time. An orthodontist specializes not only in the movement of teeth, but the proper relationship of the upper and lower jaws and how it relates to facial aesthetics.

Did you know that all orthodontists are dentists, but only about six percent of dentists are orthodontists?

After becoming a dentist, an orthodontist continues with at least two or three academic years of advanced specialty education in an ADA-accredited orthodontic program. At Wilke Orthodontics we want to ensure that not only your teeth look great, but your bite is correct as well.

Patient cooperation is very important to a successful outcome, especially if rubber band wear is required. Patients with good oral hygiene habits and who follow all instructions will often completed treatment ahead of schedule.

If you have specific questions about your timeline, feel free to ask Dr. Kevin Wilke to explain what still needs to be completed in your treatment. Call our office in Green Bay, Oconto Falls or Sturgeon Bay WI if you have any questions. Our goal is to make sure you understand all the different aspects of your personalized treatment.

So what is the answer to “When will my Braces Come Off?” When the best result is achieved!


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