The Wilke Family Dairy Farm

Dr. Wilke grew up on a small dairy farm outside of Gillett, WI.  The farm has been in the Wilke family since the land was originally cleared in the late 1800’s.  At that time his great grandfather built the house and barns with lumber and stones harvested from the farmstead.  The farm was eventually passed on to his grandfather, father, and now his youngest brother. Below is a photo of the farm from over 100 years ago!

Wilke Family Dairy Farm in Gillett WI


Since its beginnings, the farm has provided the means to raise three generations of children.  Dr. Wilke’s father sold the dairy cattle on October 20, 1999, but continues to raise a few beef cattle as a pastime.  Dr. Wilke’s brother now cares for the homestead and leases the majority of the land to another farmer.

As you can see from the pictures, the house and main barn have been cared for well over the years and remain largely as they were in the 1890’s when the above photo was taken. Below is a picture of the farm as it looks today.

Wilke Family Dairy Farm outside Gillett WI

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